Nov 9, 2010

Tutus for Tots by Keri Shields

Absolutely adorable tulle tutus for little girls, any age - infants, toddlers, elementary school aged kids.  Perfect for dress up or dance recitals.  Prices start at $20, depending on the size and any added embellishments that you may want.  Contact her at

Nov 3, 2010

'Heirloom' Anniversary Clock SOLD

SOLD!! For Sale:  'Heirloom' brand Anniversary clock reproduction.  Gold tone, rotating gold ball pendulum, glass globe, excellent working condition.  $25

Mission Clock, circa 1915

'Mission' clock for sale, circa 1915.  All original woodwork and parts.  Black finish, brass numerals.  In excellent working condition.  Heavily sought after by designers.  $300

Feb 5, 2010

Best Idea Ever! DIY Shopping Bag

Take an old t-shirt and cut off the sleeves and the neck, then just sew the bottom closed and - voila! - you have a completely original, recycled, reusable, washable shopping bag! I have to confess that this was not my idea. I saw it in an old Martha Stewart magazine. Kudos to you, Martha. My vote for best idea ever!! Thanks hubby for your too-small tee :)