May 27, 2012

Best Puppy Training Tips

Our new puppy was driving us a little bit nuts with all her biting, nipping, accidents, etc., but we got some great tips from our vet just in time :)  A few of the best tips that worked for us are: 

1- give her frozen raw baby carrots (helps numb the gums and eases the trial of teething)

2- freeze all of the puppy toys (will do likewise for the teething, and really helps settle down the puppy because she's found something soothing)

3- let the puppy sleep in the master bedroom (in her crate) to ease her transitional stress.  This will mean getting up with her several times a night until she reaches the age of about 9 or 10 weeks.  After that, you will have to continue getting up with her once a night until her bladder matures enough so that she can hold her pee all night. 

4- when you do let her out, make sure that it's directly outside (you probably don't have time to doddle) and then directly back inside and back to bed so that she knows that it was not a fun trip, but merely a necessary one.  You will have to take her outside and then wait, and wait some more if necessary, until she pees, then bring her inside right away and reward her with lots of love.

5- be consistent with all training; make sure she knows that you don't want her peeing in the house (puppies do aim to please, but they're not sure at first exactly what will please you), and make sure to reward her when she does pee outside

Hope some of these tips are helpful to you and your little fur baby!

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