May 27, 2012

How to Build a Cheap Fence

I wish I had known about this sooner!  You can build a beautiful, cheap, wood fence by buying pre-assembled 4' x 8' (or other assemblies) sections of spruce picket fence (that's a large and sturdy picket style fence).  Cost per section is about $20.  **I even found pressure-treated pre-fab fence sections for about $22 today when I went back to the lumber store to buy one more section (on sale around mid - end of May).
All you do is buy cedar, or other wood, posts (cost about $20 each), sink them in the ground several feet, and then attach the pre-assembled sections of picket fence between them.  We just finished fencing in our pool this way for a total cost of about $260. 
Much easier and cheaper than any other option I've found. 
There are more expensive pre-assembled types of fencing that you can buy such as shadow-box style and many more, but the picket was definitely the cheapest.

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